I knew that we have something with each other.

The first time I saw you, there was this feeling…It was like love at first sight but not like a ‘forever yours’ type of love. Have to admit, I was totally drawn into you and quickly fall in love with your beauty. It was pure passion and being with you was like a honeymoon.You know that it won’t last forever, but who cares…I ran to you almost every time you called my name. Just to be with you…Definitely enjoyed every second of it. The memories I have collected with you are irreplaceable.I know that I will remember with a smile in my face when I am eighty:)

Yes I am not forever yours, but I know that I will answer your every call. I will be there whenever I can. And I will always love you, even though I am not with you. It feels like an affair sometimes but I guess one can have more space in heart other than just one. One thing I am sure of, that I will be only yours when I am with you.Live and breathe you with no other in mind. It will be a short one though, will not stay too long. Like two lovers meeting just for the weekend and get back to their lives after that. Short, sweet and intense. That’s how you feel lived and loved, no? Collecting amazing memories every time we meet and keep them with me.

Three years since we last met, you didn’t surprise me at all. With your beauty and warm, welcoming heart. No judgements, no questions but love. It’s easy to pick it up where we left off. Like we never left each other. And thats the beauty of you…You never judge!

And of course time has come, I have to leave. Don’t know when I’m gonna see you again. But you know I Love You!

Until we meet again…

Ayca Xxxx

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