In my early twenties I had the desire of duplicating myself, since I was literally trying to be everywhere. Especially in summer, since days were longer {so does the nights to me}, I wanted to see every single band visiting the city and party all night long but at the same time wanted to enjoy the sun and sea during the day as much as possible to read my books, get the tan & swim like a mermaid. Wanted to spend a bit more time with my family during the vacation time while wanting to do the same with my friends. Twenty four hours was never enough for I wanted to do in a day. Never ever!

It is a little overwhelming when you have a list of thousand things you want to do, and never enough time. Mostly driven by FOMO – which I can only tell that now:) – not only I wanted to explore and learn but also I didn’t want to miss anything. Thank god social media was not that big back in those days but still…you know what I mean:) You never want to turn down an party invite on a saturday night as well as sailing trip sunday morning which almost gives you no time to rest. Funny thing is while experiencing it all and being everywhere and thinking about the next, it kinda felt like being nowhere at the same time.The level of connection to those moments were less deep, and was more like only touching the surface and checking the boxes on my to do list.

As we grow, one thing we learn which makes huge difference -which I am so happy about it – is the ability to “refine“. By realizing the power of observing the body and soul and actually listen what will serve you the best in that moment, that day or even longer period of time. Simplifying and editing things in life. Not having the fear of FOMO, which basically puts your to the driver seat and actually helps to explore more as you travel in your journey. Instead of getting carried away by following the events or things that are happening around you [who is doing what], you start to travel within yourself and explore how you feel and what will make you happy. By enjoying the moment and being here and now. Transitioning from NOWHERE to NOW, HERE.

Yes less is more, at least to me these days. By doing only one thing a day and not feeling the pressure of doing more. Somedays it’s doing ten things and somedays its doing none. Just sitting still and being in that moment. It’s not about the quantity of things we are doing, it really is the quality of all. By being connecting to the soul and actually listening what we really need. It might be a different thing every day, and thats absolutely OKAY. Just flowing…

As long as you can sign it off as : “A day well spent!

Happy sunday

Ayca Xxxx


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