Try to hear your old time favorite song within your mind and now imagine listening a deconstructed version of it..maybe in a different genre..where the creator takes it and repurposes every single note while keeping lyrics the same but overlaying it with a new melody. It can be hard to recognize at the beginning but when that familiar voice starts taking you through the story one more time you kinda fall back into it again immediately.

Each memory that lies in between those lyrics pops up in your mind while your new reality starts writing new information on top.It feels like watching a new movie on one side since the backdrop and actors are different but on the other side you know how the movie ends. Or you may think you know it…

All your memories that lives within that song pops up but your canvas is different now. Your perception, your reality even familiarity of the song might come from somewhere else compared to the original one. Even if it feels the same, never makes you feel the same like you had once upon a time.When you are in a different stage, the meaning you gave to that song changes. It might mean something completely different in your new reality. Those lyrics will mostly likely sound in an interesting mix of old and new emotions. Make you fly somewhere else, see something else in it. Maybe help you realize new you in it. Define a bit different girl in that song. And land on a completely opposite ending…

While you know how the story ends, you come to a realization that it never signs off as “the end”. Just like that, you find something new in that old song. So thats never the end. It’s like the beginning ~ which reminds you about old you, puts a mini smile on your face, lifts you up in an unexpected way, sets the new tone and carries you higher than before. It is really amazing to feel that way, to remember who you were before and who you are now. Observing the change, spotting the differences and core feelings you kept with you.When that’s the case, never forget to thank the creator…for the music, for the lyrics, for the memories, for reminding you…YOU!

Happy Sunday

Ayca Xxxx


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