When your mind is super crowded and you are jumping from one thing in your to do list to another, it really gets extremely hard to unwind. Not only the busy schedules get in your way but also the FOMO comes into play – reminding you another list of things you should be doing in your down time. Especially in a city like New York there is always something new and cool to check out that you don’t want to miss. When your free times gets super  limited, you actually might get stuck in between actually giving yourself the chance to relax or get out there and run around, do the things that you might feel like missing out.

Believe it or not, in this city the pace is insane – which we secretly all addicted to it and love to torture ourselves 🙂 when it’s about work, it really is “work work work work work” And when it comes to life outside work, the selection of things out there is overwhelming which is an incredible luxury. You are not stuck or limited to have few options but have a huge variety of things that can get really hard to manage sometimes. Think about going to an “all inclusive” resort for vacation and in every meal you have a huge buffet in front of you. Two ways to go, you either try to eat everything thats offered and end up being in a food coma or you just stick with your basics. Go with the first route? Few extra pounds later, you realize that it is really okay to stick with what you really want vs having it all just because its offered:)

I guess when you are really connected to your gutt and listen what you really need, the answer might not be that hard. The point is to make the time to connect with yourself again and identify the need. These days I decided revisiting an old friend of mine “HEAD SPACE” the guided meditation app. It really makes it super easy to get into meditation. You just need 10mins everyday to give your mind the much needed space. Which truly helps you to clear up the hectic traffic in your mind, gives you the chance to connect back to yourself and actually makes you feel calmer. I can tell the difference in my day with or without giving myself enough time to meditate. It actually helps you to keep your energy levels high in a funny way.When the weekend comes and I can not find the energy to move  I know what I have been missing – not having enough me time drains me. I end up hiding from everything and everyone | &being that super anti social person:)| just to connect back to myself, unwind and recharge.

You can’t control what is happening around you but you can control the way you respond to it. Daily dose of headspace to take you to your zen zone. Even if its 5mins


Ayca Xxxx


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