One of the things I love in this city is to go to my favorite spot, have an afternoon coffee ~maybe sometimes a scoop of dark chocolate ice-cream along with it~ and actually watch people. Those are the moments that I secretly love the idea of my phone being taken away from me, #deadbattery might not be that bad sometimes. With no distraction, and being truly in the moment, thats when your senses get the most of it. You hear more, see beyond the layers and feel more. Even coffee tastes better in those moments:)

Mostly your attention get drawn into different subjects with the conversations of others. You might end up becoming a part of the chat all of a sudden and it kinda gets more and more fun:) Picture one of those moments with me:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.54.02 PM

Location : Saint Ambrous Soho – custom made plates covering the wall as the backdrop and I’m sitting in that second stool from the left:)

Cast : Four girls averaging twenty five y.o, having their extended brunch drinks, maybe just a little tipsy. Next to them few italian dudes waiting for their pastas, patiently.

Subject : How long is too long to be in a relationship without getting married?

That might be the question of the century – the one with no answer:) Hahaha, seriously not sure if you can actually answer to that question knowing that every single person along with the dynamics of each relationship being super unique. What made the conversation interesting and a bit funny for me was actually to observe how naive our souls were once upon a time.And how much wisdom you get as you grow by learning from everything we have been through. Realizing that every deadline we thought that should have existed in life, actually doesn’t exist 😉

Whole conversation already got started when I walked into the the bar. While waiting for my coffee ~with no cell phone attached to me~ I ended up listening that loud voice across the bar. Discussion was about that friend who broke up with his seven year long girl friend. You know how mini gossip sessions go. Girls were passionately discussion how awful and unacceptable the situation was and blaming the girl friend of the guy not having her “deadline ultimatum”. That’s where I started getting actually more & more interested in the conversation – genuinely wanted to remember the point of view of a twenty something year old girl. With no surprises, the point was clear. The group agreed on their deadline : 2,5years it is. They might have answered the question of the century – only if that meant something:)

Realizing what years can show and teach you in life, is amazing.

Learning how to live with our own values. Focusing on the happiness of one’s self. Designing a life that can make one feel fulfilled within self. No comparison, no judgements. By being the best friend of yours first and investing on self growth, happiness, personal development. When that is the route, all those deadlines, rules of others disappear one by one. And we live a life in the way it makes us happy. ONLY US!

Isn’t it the point of live anyway?

Ayca Xxxx



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