Time has come, after ten years of hard work and changing my life few times, I’m officially off to my first ever sabbatical ūüôā Can not explain how excited it makes me feel.In the next five weeks, I will have an extended ME TIME:)

No emails, no meetings, no rush. Instead it will be about traveling, spending much needed time with my family and friends, reading, writing, painting, cooking & exploring.Of course¬†soaking up the sun, sea and sand combo. Love my new¬†to-do list. It’s all about getting refreshed and recharged

Key rule is to feel every single second of every day.¬†Definitely by kicking off the day with ten minute long meditation that sets the intention.That helps me to stay more connected with my senses and be more aware of the moment.When I start spending more time in the moment, I feel like days get longer. It’s natural to feel that way I guess, since all of a sudden there is a¬†drastic cuts on the time spend with my¬†phone ~ especially when you don’t have connection to your emails. Basically my motto is #nobatterylife with my phone:) to get more social¬†by being less social on the platforms:)¬†Changing the scenery always helps. Leaving my rituals and crazy pace of the city behind me and transitioning to a really slow pace zone, home. A different continent, different view. More green, less grey. More home cooked and hand picked. More of barefoot and less polished. More senses!¬†Reconnecting not only with deeper self but also with the nature.¬†And definitely exploring new tastes and scenery – Italy. Can not wait!

Lets get started:)

Ayca Xxxx



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