Don’t you think?

There is something magical about it.. Being close to it or being within it makes you feel extremely free. Mostly therapeutic, while it is pure and calming on one side, it’s tough and serious on the other side. There is a common saying in Turkish,  “you can not mess with water” since it is insanely powerful – it can move the mountains, transforms the lands.

It’s life.

It’s you.

It’s a blessing. It can trigger your subconscious and make you connect you with your intuition..

It can heal you. by taking back to your inner self.Connects you with you.It’s in you.

I’m the happiest when I’m close to it. Makes me feel extremely free when I’m in the water. That’s what teaches me how to float, let my body trust something else but me. I feel lighter and happier.

I just listen when it talks. By sitting still & staring at its beauty. I let it sing to my ears. There is a magic whisper coming from the sea to my ears – you can only hear if you listen. Just close your eyes, hear what it says…

I believe I was a mermaid once…

Ayca Xxxx

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