Have you ever wake up purposefully just to watch the sunrise? This morning I did.

Not because I was jetlagged or anything but only to feel and witness that moment.Mom and I decided to experience that together, my sleepy sister skipped joining us – lazy!

It is amazing to feel the difference before and after the birth of the sun. Color of the sky might be the obvious one to observe but watching and hearing how nature wakes up is kinda mid blowing. It might be the best ever meditation I have done so far yet, just by observing the transition in the nature.

When you start focusing on all the sounds around you, all of a sudden you start hearing all the deeper sounds of nature. The dog barking from the other garden, morning invitation of the rooster from a far. Birds clapping their wings, bees coming out for their breakfast bites. Even the slowmo walk of our mini turtle in the garden, the sounds of its tiny feet on the grass.

All of a sudden it feels like time kinda slows down.Minutes feels like hours while waiting for the sun to rise.

Then shifting the focus from hearing those sounds to the mountain right across our garden, where the sun slowly moves its head. It’s amazing to observe the clouds changing its color, moving and shifting its shape as sun gets higher up behind that mountain. All of a sudden entire color of the day changes along with the temperature. While it was slowly prepping the earth to get ready for the birth, the moment sun starts showing its face, it feels like the transiting happens in like seconds. Sun is out there with its gold color, bright, strong, full of energy and life, warm and welcoming. While it welcomes you to the new day, it also makes its entrance like a queen. You can see nothing but the sun. Just turning your head to it, closing your eyes, your breathing gets deeper. Et voila! You are born just like the sun.

The world slowly comes to life, from silence of the night to the awakening of the morning, do does our bodies. Yeah it’s completely different than waking up at the same time to run to the airport or for your early workout where you have no time to feel the transition but force yourself to adapt what is coming next. Filling your body with adrenalin vs the energy of the new day. That energy is about filling your soul and mind with the moment & peace. It’s about feeling every single second of your daily birth process. One by one, slowly with every single breath your body inhales and exhales. Yup it takes longer to feel awake, but when your lungs are filled with fresh air and your body recognizes the change in the temperature outside, it feels more awake than any other time.

When the light is fully bright out there, you are BORN again! – so does the kid from next door with its early am screamsJ

PS: This morning I’m definitely convinced that we can slow down the time!! Just lived it!

Good Morning World.

Ayca Xxxx

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