Imagine a beach on the cliff…

There are few beach chairs that sits on a rock. The view can not get any better. You move your head up, you’re facing the cliff with puffy clouds hanging on top. You stare at water, all you see the crazy waves jumping in and out of joy while handful of boats parked. Maybe few heads coming in and out of water, dipping in and shortly getting out~not an easy one to swim but hey you can not NOT jump into that gorgeous mediterrenean pocket. So inviting.

One layer up in the cliff, there is the cutest restaurant with few tables – Il Pirata- playing jazz and prepping your afternoon aperol spritz along with charming smells of the sea food pasta. You might feel like you are in a movie scene but the drops coming from the wave gives you the reality check. It’s so real and you are so present in the moment.

It’s almost not possible to think! The sound of the waves that is hitting the rocks feels like getting inside your brain from one ear, washing all you thoughts and carrying them away from the other ear. There is nothing in that scene but NOW along with some white&blue striped beach umbrellas.

It’s all about feeling the moment…

Can it get any better?

Ayca Xxxx

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