An island I have been dreaming of visiting for ages. Not sure why I was obsessed about it for so long…Also not sure what I was expecting other than having that extremely romantic feeling inside me that comes out whenever I thought about that magical island. Maybe it was the unique tone of that blue I feel like only belongs to Capri. 

Capri is insanely effortless with a sexy attitude. Wildly attractive, kinda untamable, knows its magic but acts as it doesn’t care. Hundred percent confident that you will for sure fall in love with its beauty. Such a confidence. But never at your face kinda one. You drown into its beauty as if you try to swim in the crazy waves of Blue Grotto. There is no way you can resist, you just let yourself in the arms of that deep blue sea, it makes you fly and dive in it at the same time. For that reason it is magical. Two extreme feelings blend in one and takes you away from you.

Don’t get me wrong. I have seen blue. I did smell the sea. Tasted the best of mediterennean cuisine. But this…. is something else. Unexplainable feels like. The longer you look at it, the blue gets darker and deeper with more shine. The sound of that wild blue takes your words and thoughts away. Simply hypnotizes you! I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t think. Mersmerized with its beauty and soul. Soaked every single bit of it, as if painting it as a tattoo on my mind so that I can never forget. 

Capri defines a new simple living. Boats, aperol sprits, sea food and swims. You can not stop asking to yourself this: 

Can’t we just live like this forever?

Ayca Xxxx

~with my mermaids below at Il Riccio~

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