Positano is the place you fall in love with sunset. The transition of the colors from orange to pink till it gets dark can take you away from you. Magical! No wonder why that view is the most attractive postcard ever. That vertical city with its pastel toned houses and orange beach set up makes it picture perfect. How it makes you feel is even better.screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-11-54-28-am

It’s true that Positano can give you butterflies, makes you feel excited for just being there, being alive and witnessing the sunset. Definitely needs to be one of the top “to see” item in someone’s bucket list. Doesn’t matter how touristic it can get, it’s a place you won’t regret to be a tourist. View is amazing period but maybe the best shot from Le Sirenuse while sipping your Aperol Spritz or afternoon rose. Amazing!


Food…not many words to describe the taste. Fresh, yummy. No such thing as bad food in Positano I feel like. You might end up eating pasta every.single.day. I mean look at this! ChezBlack Positano seafood pastas are to die for. Perfect for mermaids🙂


Yes there is so much more to Positano, and one can design and explore it the way you feel like. That’s the beauty of it. Traveling from Nocelle on a daily basis with the tiniest busses ever along with tens of people, getting super local, watching the view on that “Path of God” and communicating even with broken Italian was one of the best times. At the end of the day it’s all about experiences right? The more local you get, the more flavor you taste in the city.

Like finding Da Adolfo which is a separate story. A hidden gem, amazing food, tiny secret beach which gives you the best of mother nature. Period! It is a proof that shows one that you don’t need much to be happy, peaceful and fulfilled.


Eat, swim, repeat!!! where all your inhales are deeper and your sight is sharper than ever.

C’est la vie!


Ayca Xxx



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