Its been a while since I painted, to be exact more than five years. Before I made the biggest change in my life and moved overseas. Dunno why I stopped… 

It was my creative outlet as well as my meditation.Weirdly enough a way of connecting with inner child of mine. On one side painting was giving me an insane joy where I could feel the change in my heart beat. On the other side it was calming me down. My mind was entering a silent zone while I was painting. Like pushing the mute button and all voice is gone. What I was left was peace and  colors. Along with some jazz on the background, I was having fun with all the colors. It felt like I could channel all my emotions and turn them into paintings. Some were darker than others, some were more fun, some a little too mixed. But loved to see the physical reflection of all those emotions in them. I could look at them and remember my exact mood.

Painting was something I wanted to revisit during my sabbatical. I knew that I won’t have any excuses of not getting back to it. I would have enough time, brain space ~not to mention physical space as well~ inspiration, nature and desire to reflect along with strong connection to my dreams. Everything I have seen in my Amalfi Coast trip, all those new cities, tastes and smells had to find its way out. Waking up to sunrise, connecting back to innerself wanted to come to life via colors. Being truly in the moment, forgeting the day and time ~finally not being able to stay glued to my phone~ gave me the enough space to create. Create just for myself! 

That’s exactly the beauty of creation. All you care is to share with yourself how you feel at the moment~ in that case by using colors. That’s where I truly forget about perfectionism and let everything flow. It feels like someone else is doing it on behalf of me. Amazing way to shut up my brain:) also fantastic way of breathing in the moment. There is no way that I can know what color is coming up next or how the stroke of the brush will effect my next move. Sometimes I just throw the colors to the canvas and see how they will melt on it. May or may not even use a brush. Every single minute forms itself in different forms and shapes which then turns into unique shapes and colors. Just one of a kind. 1|1 period. 

Et voila! My mini sabbatical art project which now they all hang in the walls of my sister’s and mom’s house:) with that said painting will be my ongoing creativity project this fall. 

Keep following the colors of my dreams…

Ayca Xxxx

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