After five weeks of sabbatical and an extended summer, I am back in the city.

As I got out of the plane, I felt like I also literally walked out of summer and step in to fall. From deep blues of the Grotta Azurra to head to toe grey concrete jungle. Dark, rainy, chilly New York city welcomed me with its usual attitude – to your face! Just a clear message ; vacation is over.

As intense as always, New York didn’t change at all while I was gone. You could smell the mood of the city ; busy, hectic, always on the go.. Never gone that long since I moved here so I was wondering how it would feel to be back. As I get out of the airport and driving through the city in the rain, the grey sky and the smoky look of the city made my opening scene a bit dramatic. It felt like more of a break up scene vs reunite of two lovers.The rain drops on the window of my cab was telling me that I was gone too long but secretly whispering my ear…~welcome home~

Home is definitely not a place, it is a feeling.So I spent few days to feel the city – walk on the streets and sense myself in it. Clearly not that long time to forget things you love deeply but at the same time, your mindset shifts, you never know what you will remember or forget ~ especially when it is combined with a city that changes insanely fast. Definitely my GPS was off for the first few days, my head was feeling a little above the clouds ~thanks to my dear friend jet lag~ it made me feel like I was new in the city. Getting lost with my direction was a funny experience. But the real difference was “I felt SLOW in the city!” The way I think, the pace I walk, time to react, observe, respond…Like learning the city life from scratch. Even the language. Yeah fun fact about living a dual language life is that, you truly think in the language you speak. The moment I leave US and go home, it takes sometime to switch my thinking language and visa versa when I come back to US. What it does is basically slows you down. It is crazy to try to translate your own thoughts into another language. Yup thats the reality of my life. Slow talker in the next few days. #StruggleIsReal

What I enjoyed this week is being that “not so in a rush” person in that crazy city. Well even if I wanted I guess I could’t for few days. While trying to soak more minutes and moments in the day, as each day passes by, also realizing that NY groove is getting me into its mix. Well you don’t have that much time to chill in here. It quickly moves you out of your guest zone to the grind. And rest is Run Run Run…

I guess I am slowly but surely blending into that concrete jungle!


Ayca Xxxx




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