One of my intensions this year is to be more “in the moment”& since the beginning of the year I started paying more attention on that subject. That awareness helped me to spot where and when I got distracted or left the moment of being here and now. 

Not a huge surprise to realize that majority of the distractions coming from being 24/7 connected. That digital world we are in is most of the time making us extremely anti-social where we claim to be in every social platfrom and hanging out with our virtual friends online. I have to admit it is a gift and the curse in my case since it is also my job. Feel gifted most of the time having a job that is a part of my life – doesn’t feel forced. But at the same time, not knowing when and where to disconnected is making it tough to be in the moment when I need to be.

Usually first thing as soon as I open my eyes is to take my phone and start scanning : emails, social media, newsletters…you name it! And then start rushing to get out of the door – workouts so that by the time I get to work I feel accomplished and caught up on what I have missed while sleeping. However one thing I realized, instead of feeling refreshed, it started making me feeling overwhelmed these days. Feels like by checking all social platforms, newsletters on one side helping me with the FOMO but also adding alot of unnecessary information to my fresh and clear mind in the morning. Started asking myself : do I really need to know who did what while I was sleeping?

That question was the unlock – to give myself and my brain enough time to actually decide on what is important to catch up on. Started with a basic rule that I set for myself, first things first! 

You open your eyes and give yourself few minutes to actually feel the day. Feel how your body is doing, listening your mood, your breath, hearing yourself out before dumping all the information automatically. After feeling grounded and ready for the day, then grab your phone and check what is important. Usually it is just two things : my email and my schedule.  To have a better understanding of how my day is gonna look like, then get ready to workout and head back to office. Still no social media, until I need a little distraction – which is usually when I am having my lunch or waiting my colleagues to arrive to a meeting.

How do I feel about it? So far so good. My brain feels lighter and free. It tells me that I have the power. I have the control of my life and I can let go whatever I want. Helps in so many ways!!!! 

And this week dedicating my quality time to read that recent gem: “mindful tech” on bringing balance to our digital lives. As I always say, right book finds you when it is the right time. So I guess I was ready!

So starting from today lets all try “not to be walking deads*” as much as possible. Instead, make the effort to look and see what is actually around us, take a deep breath while walking and maybe giving a smile who are doing the same as a sign of encouragement to be more in the moment.

I’m sure you say ” I got this!”

Ayca Xxxxx

* : state of walking and texting at the same time.

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