Why we all afraid from the idea of “letting go” ? I have a theory!

The moment we fall into this world, in our mom’s belly, we are connected to this life via a cord. The one that keep us alive, feeds us, make us grow and actually born as a healthy human being. That attachment (cord) that makes us become a living human being is also something that creates the code in our minds and souls –before we even realize.

 Here is why : Our brain unconsciously starts believing & writing a code that says ” you need to “hold on” to something to stay alive!”

Which at that stage of your life, is 100% true since without that cord, there is no life! 

That fact – which is mainly the very 1st fact of your conscious mind- starts shaping the rest of our lives. We start creating deep connections with people around us, with things we like, places we love, jobs we have and those connections start defining who we are.They become our cords.We feel alive as long as we are attached to somethings or someone.

But if we don’t have them? Then drama for the human being begins.

Mainly ourselves [and our communities] start to define us based on what we don’t have. Which creates insane pressure for one self.

You start calling yourself maybe “incomplete” just because you don’t have “the one” of your life.

You start feeling “unaccomplished” if you don’t end up having a great position or a job at a certain age.

You will have the fear of “being groundless” if you don’t have any plans of having your own kid at a certain age. And that list goes on and on.

The scariest part is that most of human beings prefer having the cords that doesn’t make them happy any more just because they are not ready to face the list of all the things that they don’t have.

 Just observe:

All the -not very happy- marriages or relationships around us?

The friends who are hating their jobs but still not ready to make the change?

Friendships that are not giving any pleasure to each other?

Couples sharing a kid but no life together?

Families that are not families at heart?

 Sounds sad isn’t it? So then why not “cut the cords”?

Why are we so afraid to be by ourselves? Why can’t we just be happy with who we are? What stops us about feeling “complete” by just being connected and happy with our selves?

Isn’t the goal of a human being should be being as free as possible?

Can we not redefine what it means to be “Free” and live by feeling complete with ourselves without needing to have any attachments of all sorts?

 Think about it! I think there is hope!

 Ayca Xxxx

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