How many times we re-create our selves in life? Have you ever think about it?

 Every decision you make, every step you take is a creation.

 Walking into an unknown, adapting to the new, learning more about yourself…Skills that you have never known that was existed…Fears that you have never felt before…Strengths that you could never imagine…. It’s all a part of that creation.

 With that new parts of “you” it will be a different “you”

Even if it is “you” most of the time it’s not the “you” that you know.

It’s just different! For a while you may not even know who you are anymore. Until the moment you pause and ask yourself. Until the moment you start re-introducing yourself to yourself.

 This new “you” will start defining what you want in life , what paths you will be taking… until you create a “newer” version.

 What you wanted in the previous version of yourself might not be accepted by the new “you” and that’s okay. You will keep moving and going and re-creating yourself.

Your goals will change.

Your desires, dreams might even change.

People around you will change, some of them you keep for a life time, some of them will stay with the older version of you.

Cities you live will change, some places will only be a quick stop for you, some you will call it “home”. Maybe for a while, maybe for the rest of your life.

And the list will go and go….In every creation of yourself that cycle will follow.

 Until….? The day we die I guess!

How many times….? It feels like endless to me, maybe thousands, maybe hundreds.

As long as you accept to flow…

Ayca Xxxx





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