That was me last night, looking for silence desperately, trying to mute everything and everyone around me….

It was a little crazy intense past few weeks with work, like being in the driver seat of Formula One car for four five days straight without taking your feet from the break. You can imagine how intense it might feel. Within that craziness the introvert part of mine was in need of a hidden space where I can zone out and surf within my own silence. 

As soon as everything wrapped up that’s exactly what I did. Literally walked into my apartment and I did step into this crazy meditation zone. All I wanted to do was to sit still and mute every single sound outside & inside my brain one by one. Focusing on that just one sound – the sound of the silence…. So peaceful, so relaxing, so calming. In that absolute darkness where I can see nothing and hear nothing. As if walking into a super safe, protected tunnel with myself and I. Where no one can find me.

Crazy enough that space is where I lose track of time, sometimes it is few mins sometimes its like an hour, until I feel zen! Until the moment I can actually hear my inner voice vs my brain….I walk out of that silence with a complete refreshed energy…and my balance!

A wise soul once told me after analysing me for a week that “your balance is staying connected to you gutt, your inner voice”  and continued “the moment you lose touch of your inner voice chances are you might lose yourself.” 

Couldn’t be any more real than that for me. How about you? How do you find your balance?

Ayca Xxxx

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