Always loved the smell of the air after the rain. Doesn’t matter if I am in a small town or in a big city, it still settles down somethings in the earth that not only the smell itself but also the mood calms me down. Something soothing follows after the rain.

It’s like a that super calm feeling after tear drops. Yeah crying makes me feel that way too. Not sure why but when I was a kid and want to put myself to sleep rarely I found myself thinking sad stories to be able to cry which was my secret to fall asleep faster. Have strong few flashbacks in my mind about that. Kids sometimes get crazy I feel like and find their own ways:) thank god it was not my everyday routine but the calm feeling post crying is something I still remember. To that day I agree that after I cry I found an interesting peace deep inside. Not sure how and why.

Thats how I relate myself with rain and the reaction earth is giving as a response to it. By calming down… 

Maybe thats why I never afraid of crying or feel shy about it. As I grow older, one thing I realize that it gets even easier for me to cry. Maybe being away from loved ones back home makes emotions to flow as in a roller coaster. Who knows? 

Like today, my mom’s birthday. No better moment for that roller coaster to fly. Why? No reason. Just because!! 

When was the last time you did cry?

Ayca Xxx

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