Just passed that security control again. Not sure how many thousand times I ve been through it already but that’s the one part of the journey that never changes. Everytime I have the same conversations with myself; “Make sure you pack as light as possible. Also you need to be placing your stuff strategically in your bag like the fastest spot to take off your laptop or the easiest pocket for your liquid bag. No pocket pants if possible and no pain sneakers to easily slip them off.” Etc etc

Clearly most of the time it really doesn’t matter how fast or prepared you are. There is always one person who clogs the entire flow. And today was no exception, that petite lady in front of me was trying to pass the security control with a tall cup of coffee which was almost identical to her size:) nice try! It might be an innocent one but if you wanna see what people are actually trying to carry with them through the security control, you should follow @tsa on Instagram. Mind blowing😳 Everytime when I am waiting, I am spying on that screen hoping that I can witness something interesting but no luck yet! Maybe next time;) 

Today’s East coast to West coast trip took 8 hours of travelling in two planes (thank god I got upgraded, appreciate you @delta for the gesture) PS : by that time I could have gone to Europe. I’m just saying…

Ayca Xxxx

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