Sunday is my favorite time of the week. A day reserved for yourself, a morning where the alarm clock can set you free where your body clock can take over. You open your eyes whenever is right for your body, no panic, no rush. Stay in bed however long you want to. It’s pure freedom when you know that you can enjoy the day however you want, whatever pace you want. That’s the beauty of sundays.

This morning, even though I was up pretty early, I felt like living in my dream for a moment. Maybe it was a strong flashback that dragged me in it for a while. From years back, the sundays with my family. One thing I loved the most and still is when we are together, is our family brunches on a sunday morning. Where my mom as the master chef, preps an amazing table for us ~ as always. All delicious with the prettiest presentation. Every.Single.Sunday. My dad ~who is an ex soldier, designed to wake up pretty early ~ was always the first one to be up and until everyone is awake, he was always reading his book while waiting for us. The moment we[kids] were are up, thats when the party got started. Long breakfast with warm conversations was always followed by turkish coffee time ~ made by me ~ alongside some sweet bites and newspapers. We were all in that table checking the news, sharing with each other while sipping our coffees. That routine was happening almost every single sunday with no need of any sort of special occasion. Might be the reason why I adore sundays,  always makes me feel extremely peaceful and filled with extra dose of love.

Today I had a pretty early morning, before the city wakes up decided to grab my book and read few pages. [Guess we all know by now where I got that habit] It was so silent and everything was so fresh in my mind, I was instantly felt like traveling in time. Finding myself across the table where my dad sat and read every sunday. For a brief moment, I thought that I was back in the time, me fifteen years old, hanging with my dad and reading at the same table.In that brief moment, I was connected to one of the most peaceful and precious moments of my life. Even though it was only seconds long…. I guess thats what they call traveling in time. I wish I could stay there longer but I was just the visitor, not there to stay…

Feels like it is a day for time traveling and day dreaming…Perfect for that cold windy NY day. Yeah winter is here and I am not ready for it!

Stay cozy & warm today.

Ayca Xxxx


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