Not everyday is the same. So do we. Different feelings, different emotions, different mindset, different approach..

Thats why rainbows exist, just because each day is a different color. Some are brighter than the others, few are darker and deeper… As we change and experience newness in life, through emotions, experiences, we change colors. Like seasons.

Exploring something new within self is quite fascinating. What triggers which emotion is sometimes hard to guess. Unexpected most of the time… as human beings we are insanely complicated machines. Regardless how simple we might think we are, we actually are NOT. Just because we are deeper than we think. A huge energy ball, that consumes & observes everything. Not necessarily reacts every time. Sometimes we hold things inside, keep and hide it somewhere within. To use for later. Or unconsciously swipe it under the rug and face it unexpectedly at some point. Most of the time not even realizing where it is coming from or remembering the source of those feelings. And interestingly enough not knowing what to do with it. How to even verbalize it.

Sometimes they come in the form of colors. You just wake up and put things in a white canvas. It is not you in control at those moments. Your inner self is. You happen to be just the messenger. Your soul talks to you once you let it take over. Give your hands to it to paint it, let it come to life. Let it get out if your system. May or may not mean anything. Felling is just like waves, they come and go. Reflecting what you have been collecting inside you. By letting you see all the colors within you.

The moment you start floating and just observing without judging, thats where the artist within yourself gets out. That might be the reason why all creators are many observers. Thats why the creative process likes to takes its time. Like a huge magnet, it keeps attracting & catching it all. Until it is ready. For that reason it is important not to judge, but let it catch, flow, observe.

It always finds its way out when it is ready! Not necessarily when YOU are ready.

So let the creative soul take over.. Let it find its light…

Ayca Xxxx

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