“The most courages act is still to think for yourself. Aloud!” Coco Chanel

I am a huge fan of Coco Chanel ~ not only from a fashion lens where I adore the brand she created ~ but mostly because of who she was as a person. Aside from her norm breaking creative sense that changed the definition of style in 1920’s, she was an incredible business woman who was bold & brave. And mainly her independent mindset above all the values. Which at that time ~and still can be ~ considered as being selfish. That’s why I have so much respect for her, owning who she was and not giving any f’s on what others thought about her. Since she knew the secret…

The secret was and still is really to think about yourself FIRST and foremost without feeling apologetic about it. Because the most important thing in your life is YOU. Without you, nothing else matters. You are the ultimate existence that give life to other things.  It’s YOU who creates it all, and re-defines when needed. That is why it is so important to be connected to one’s self at all times. Have regular check-ins with yourself and be able to scan your emotions while observing YOURSELF.

Making the time and creating the space for that is what we absolutely need. And being ready to actually face your own self, the emotions and fears. It really is interesting to go through it which is surprising most of the time with the facts that you find out about you. Amazing to witness the self growth, observe the change within you. It’s like day dreaming sometimes ~ that makes you fly one layer above you and actually watch you go through things. Honestly it is not that easy  “just to watch” and not to react. Giving yourself the opportunity to experience the feelings and emotions with no distraction.

When you start investing on you, this is where you start becoming more and more conscious of who you are and who you are becoming. Your decisions start making more sense to you, because you’ve been in touch with your gutt. They start coming from within. Not because of an influence or pressure from someone, or cultural norms and all the should have’s…It’s YOU making the decision of what is right for YOU. Not for anyone else, nor for making someone else happy, but YOU.

And guess what happens when you do that?

You stop giving a damn to a lot of things. Which is the biggest relief ~ stress free life 😉 Become truly you! The moment we accept ourselves by being who we are, your energy changes ~ call it a self confidence boost or whatever else you want ~ thats where you take the control of your own life and destiny.

Why you feel more confident all of a sudden?

Because you stop second guessing and comparing yourself to others. Deep down you know that you made the best possible decision for yourself. And you know that it is your journey not anyone else’s.

So for all the busy bee’s out there, here is the question:

What did you do for yourself today?

Just take the time and define what it will take you to make it just for you. Not for your boyfriend, your girls, family, name it! Start with you and only you!

Happy Saturday

Ayca Xxxx



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