How can you be happy at all times?

I have been asked that question so many times recently. With the assumption of having a “perfect” life with no stress, challenges or problems at all. Does that sound realistic at all? Definitely not, since there is no such thing. Quite honestly I don’t even think that it’s the life that I personally would enjoy ~ where there are no obstacles to learn from or bumps to make you grow. But regardless, to me the question is :

Do we really need a reason to be happy? Can we not just be happy?

Before I even start, see what Deepak Chopra has to say about that: “When you are happy for some reason, you are still in misery because that reason can be taken from you tomorrow.”

As simple as that.. YES you can be happy at all the times and you don’t need no reason for that. On the contrary, the moment you start tieing your happiness to things outside you ~yourself~ you become dependent. When things doesn’t exist, you have no reason to be happy. Basically you lose control of your own happiness. And hand of the keys of your own peace to someone or something else.

If you reverse that behavior…. et voila! That’s the first step which is already a huge one. Rest is connecting back to yourself and finding that “love” within you. Self love is not only about loving yourself but it is also about using love as the key filter to how we look at life. Being aware of that power we have within. With love we have the ultimate control of the way we design our life so does our happiness. So then how can we not be happy at all times if we can actually make it happen whenever we want?

Happiness is a decision that one can make ~ regardless of what is happening outside.

And I chose to be happy.. Hope you do that same;)

Ayca Xxxx




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