Today was a cold but sunny and decided to to go Newyork Botanical Gardens at Bronx. Well for the first time I did go that much up in the city as well as visiting the gardens:) The reason was the last day of the “Frida Kahlo” exhibit and I couldn’t miss that one. After watching the movie last night, today it was amazing to see the recreation of her garden. Even if it was pretty small, still was exciting. Feeling the vibe of Frida and Diego’s garden and the amazing colors and her flowers, so so cute.

  Have to admit I couldn’t make the museum part to see her paintings since the line was insanely long. Since it was halloween there were so many Frida’s around so it kinda made it closer to the reality;) outside her garden there was a mini concert and a halloween parade. Glad that I made it, would have missed all the fun…

 Details of my Frida visit look is below:

Zara sweater – TopShop jeans – Mango jacket – fur vest layer from Istanbul – Boots Sam Edelman – Bag Proenza Schuler

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