This year, with my family, we decided to take a mini Italy tour during holidays. A new adventure for us since my parents has not been to It before. With cray excitement we planned to visit three cities, where the first stop happen to be Venice:) Have to admit, December might not be the best season to visit the city since it was pretty cold. Above -1 at night and when you imagine walking in the city all day long, it becomes tricky;) you need too many layers to wear hahahhaa. 

Venice is not a big city so we planned to be there just one and a half day and it was more than enough. For me just walking in those extremely narrow streets and watching those gondola’s on the canals was already enough so didn’t need to look for more. We ended up staying at Piazza Roma which was just the center of everything, made our lives easier. First day as typical tourists, had an amazing lunch with fantastic canal view where we have been watching gondola rides. The tip I got was to eat “seafood” in Venice was super spot on since everything was super delicious. Rest of the day, we have been walking all over the city.   

 Colors of the city amazed me but it also felt like an abonded city since I felt like it was only for tourists but not much locals living there. Streets at night was kinda empty, maybe it was also because of the brutal cold, but still it was kinda surprising. 

The most outstanding part of St.Marco square for me was the Cafe Florina. Where there was a loooooooong line to get in the first day, even the outside made me wanna wait for hours but my parents didn’t agree with me:) so had to stop by the next morning for a mini coffee break right by the window seat. Never accept NO as an answer😝    

 Even though we didn’t end up taking a gondola ride, I did hop on a boat to see the city from the water. Yeah pretty cold but totally worth it.  The best part was the drop off station which was closer to where I did stay -happen to be Rialto Mercado – the farmers and fish market of the city. Super crowded but can smell all fresh veggies, fruit and fish at the same time. It was full of tourists as you can imagine where you can grab your snacks and explore the market. So colorful and super fresh! 

  And after all of that it was time to leave for our next stop, Florence. 

Note to self: Next time, book train tickets in advance of your arrival since it kinda delayed our arrival to Florence 😉 

So more to come on that part even though our stay there will be even shorter than Venice…Ciaoo Ciaoo…  

Ayca Xxxx

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