Such a strong statement and life changing attitude.
As simple as it sounds, reality is loving yourself may not be the easiest task. Mostly as human beings we are our own worst enemy for so many reasons. Self sabotaging is mainly an unconscious act but the biggest obstacle for self love.

When you start paying attention to all your internal conversations with yourself, you know what I mean.
Start writing down it all. Every word you say…
Think about how you feel if someone will tell you all those things?
Sounds harsh no?

Alright, if thats the case, lets rewind and put yourselves first, being the FIRST one to love in your life.
Guess what? If you don’t love yourself more than anyone else, chances are you will never truly love someone. Since you can only give the love that you have in you.

If you need a cheat sheet “how to love yourself” on a daily basis, maybe below one can be a good start:

1) Start excepting your negative thoughts. If you can not be honest to yourself, how can you be to others?

2) Accept who you are and never apologize for that. We are always ” work in progress” in life so your version of today doesn’t mean to be the same tomorrow, if you don’t like it, change it!

3) Do NOT compare yourself to others. Each soul is unique to itself. This is your path, your journey.

4) Recognize that we are not here to be PERFECT. Since there is no such thing as perfect. It’s all about perception and depends on point of views. What is perfect to me is not the same to you. So stop chasing the artificial reality.

5) Know that acceptance doesn’t happen over night but with time. Be patient with yourself.

The list can go on&on… The reality is there is no RIGHT or WRONG.
Make it your own!
But most importantly learn HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF, if you haven’t yet;)

Details of the look:
Leather pants : All Saints
Sweather : Markus Lupfer
Flats : Chanel
Coat : Academia
Biker Leather Gloves: Net A Porter
Bag : Proenza Schouler


Ayca Xxxx

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