A day like today – where I had to leave home in like ten minutes to make my dentist appointment – your best bet is to go black on black. At least that is my “go to” look when I don’t have much time to think what to wear.

The fun part if playing with different shades of black as well as textures and patterns so that you don’t look like a walking charcoral;) From washed black to carbon black combined with thin white stripes or croco skin for the deeper reflection to add a bit more energy.

Classic and simple always wins! Trick is NOT to make it boring.

My selection today was:
Jeans : TopShop – Jaime light black
Shoes : Zara
Top : Plain Cashmere top with a touch of white stripes
Bag : Proenza Schuler

Yeah Black is the new Black 😉

Ayca Xxxx

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