What do you do if you happen to be in Florence less than 24hours?

Remember my note to self on booking train tickets in advance from Venice? Yes that’s exactly the reason why I’m here less than a day. Arriving late afternoon and rushing to see as much as I can. So before we lose the light, I wanted to see Ponte Vecchio and climb up to Duomo. As I rushed to make it happen, heard that Duomo was not an option since it was closed:( Bummer!!! Decided to enjoy the amazing bridge where it is full of jewelry stores. Look at us, so amazed;)  

 Funny thing is I did learn Italian when I was going to university but completely forgot it. Few words I did remember on the train was spoken by an italian lady which way highlight from the ride. “Io sono a Firenze.Che Bello!” 🙂 so true that city is sooo pretty!

Was going through my list of to-do’s and had to find the best ice-cream and found this amazing chocolate one:) so that one is check✔️ the bonus part was the huge lit area with a carousel. If you know me a little, you definitely know that I will never lose teh opportunity to feel like a kid and voila! Me and my sister was the only adults on it;)  check us out:

 That part made my day;)

After a mini stroll in the city where it is lit by amazing lights, found our spotfor dinner. “Il Latini” local fantastic restaurant where you can see a line of at least 40 people on a daily basis. We were the lucky ones to find a reservation:) Along with a fantastic glass of red wine and roasted lamb, we sealed the night just perfect.

Sadly we were leaving in the am amd it was just not enough for me so had a last date with the city with an early am run.  

  Spotted some amazing mini local stores  

Plus spotted my sign. 4K in the books from Florence. #nevernotrunning

Arivederci Firenze…

Ayca Xxxx

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