Alright final stop ROME:) have to warn you that my version will be different since this time I decided to explore the city mainly around the key locations featured in many of my favorite movies! You can call me crazy but hey there is not just one way to explore a city. 

As soon as we arrive from Florence, dumped our bags to the hotel and headed to Giardini de Vaticano, okay it is the most touristy thing ever but hey we are tourists here:) Plus my parents hasn’t been before so it was a must! And how can you not see the Basilica S.Pietro and not think about God Father III. Add another plus.

 After spending some time in this magical landmark, we headed to Colosseum. Where majority of the exterior was under construction and was not possible to get in but still the vibe around it,is insane. Something gets under your skin in that area, maybe just because we all lived in that time in our previous lives and that’s why it feels like that. Not sure:S 

 From that point on I knew that the remaining parts of the city that I wanna see has to be seen both at night and day. So the starting point for the rest of the spots was Fontana di Trevi which was a monumental backdrop for Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Magical at night. Coins are flying for love. And I did add my part;)

 Before having a fantastic dinner, we had one more spot to see at night “Pantheon” where you might have seen it at “The Da Vinchi Code” – breathtaking at night.

After all those walking, which was around 14k, we deserved a fantastic dinner with friends and family and rest up before we hit the road again:)

The next morning, needed to follow more movie scenes so I started from Piazza del Popolo where Woody Allen shot few scenes for “To Rome with Love”. It was an early am visit so pretty empty but as usual it was also under construction. But with this amazing weather how can I complain:)

That route is such a fantastic one since you can stroll around by stopping at Trinita del Monti -Spanish Stairs, Villa Medici -private school on top of it with fantastic Rome view, Fontana de Trevi -for daylight view and more coins for love, Pantheon and finally Piazza Navona. Spanish Stairs were closed but the view above from Villa Medici was so worth it.

 Those little markets on the way to Piazza Naova was to die for:) When we arrive to the area,of course I was completely on the mood to remember scenes from TheTalented Mr.Ripley as well as Eat.Pray.Love. Told ya, it was all about the movie scenesšŸ˜  While I was taking pictures of everything, my sister was capturing us. Look at me and my dad:)


At this point we all were starving and needed a yummy stop. Here is the cutest Trattoria -De Francesco, I have been told that it is one of the best pasta spots on the city.  And I agree!!! it’s on PiazzaFico.

 Bike parked in the corner street, so cute!

There are of course more scenes to go and enjoy in Rome but time is limited. You can stop by in every corner and take photos, eat ice.cream, have a glass of wino and enjoy every single second in this city. Whatever your journey will be, Rome is always gonna make you feel happy:) My short trip made me feel so blessed and happy since I spent the entire time with my family and have the best time in my life. Last hours of 2015 here and we will celebrate the New Years eve as a family in this fantastic city.  

With all the coins I threw to Fontana di Trevi, I can only wish LOVE for everyone in the world. Happy new year and amazing 2016!!

Ayca Xxxx


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