If you know me or been reading this blog, you already know that winter is not my favorite season because I don’t like feeling cold, to begin with. But guess what if you live in New York city, winter is brutal and a little bit of torture:) Why?

  • In winter layers are not enough in this city. You basically add three to four pounds of layer to protect yourself from cold and you still feel like you are freezing because you can’t cover your face.Ughhh painful.
  • You definitely don’t look cute at all. How come you can keep it in style without freezing? while you have a beanie in your head which masses your hair (and if you are curly like me, u have no chance) and a scarf that is as big as a blanket and a huge coat and 3 layers of socks and 2 sweaters and and and… See list is never ending!
  • You can cover every part of your body but your face so it means your face dries and peels. Basically your skin looks like sixty years old, lol.
  • Your lips are in pain and protection is never enough.
  • So as your hands, doesn’t matter how good is your gloves are, taking that subway ticket out of your purse or responding to a text on your way to work, is already enough to crack the skin.
  • Plus it makes me a little angry since I feel heavy all the time and still cold and not a big fan of tons of layers. 

But reality is -which bites- there is no way to skip winter, yeah I wish;) Good part is at the end of your 1st winter in the city, you will end up finding your favorite protection products since this cold makes you try tons of different options. Yeah it’s a long one. Here is my mini list and some selects:

AESOP Handcream : best of the best for me. It is an intensive moisturizing balm for dry skin, enhanced with Australian Macadamian Nut. So so good and smells amazing.
Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 : after trying tons of chop sticks, this is where I land. That balm has the best protection against the dying effects of windy and cold weather. Which is perfect for NY’s brutal wind!
Avene Eau Thermal : that is my go to for all seasons. In summer to refresh the skin, in winter for added moisturizing, during and after long flights for more support to the skin. It’s literally right by my bed where I use it before going to bed and when I wake up.
Eucalyptus Spearmint Pillow Mist : is my bonus for winter stress:) helps to reduce the tension in the body and basically helps you to chill and relax. I use it before I go to bed, spray it on my pillow or after shower to relax more or when I come back from work and transition to cozy home mode. That one is recommended to me by my favorite yoga instructor 😉 Smells sooooo good:)
Ayca Xxxx

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