Why do you think the “unknown” is too scary or uncomfortable? Why it gives us the anxiety instead of excitement? We, as human beings, like to “know”. Because if we know what we are doing or what we are talking about, it makes us feel confident.┬áConfident towards life, confident amongst others. We like to “know” … More LOVE THE “UNKNOWN”


   One sunday morning to myself is the most precious moment of the week. It means there is no alarm clock set; your mind and body is free to wake up whenever, there is no rush to do nothing; I can be in a slow-mo and it is fine, it means big and looong homemade … More SUNDAY CHILL


I’m the happiest when I find an amazing book to read. Usually it really is about what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I love being on the deep ends and choose a book that makes me ask questions about all the unknowns of mine. In those moments I hide myself and read, write, … More HAPPY PLACE


Sundays are for chilling especially after a crazy week with all the traveling – 4times at JFK in 7days- ouchhh Inspiring myself with “Limitless” by Ajaz Ahmed -the founder of award winning Digital agency AKQA, by getting insights on some of the greatest leaders in business. The best way of learning to me is to … More BOOKS & SNACKS