As I stare at the gloominess of the day, rain drops start clearing my mind. Darkness outside, enlightens somethings inside.
Inhales get deeper. Exhales get longer.

I can start feeling my heart vividly that I almost feel my blood flowing in my veins. My brain is at its “do not disturb” zone. Feels like even if I want to think, I couldn’t.

“That’s what looking inside means” I say to myself. As I hear my own voice in my head, I walk deeper and deeper… It is below zero. Deep in my subconsciousness. At this point, I always find myself walking into the same space. Every time I am there, the view is the same. I am the same. Things might change in the space, depending on what I am really connecting to. Sometimes it is only me…finding more about me. Sometimes there are few people with me and some other time there are bunch around me. I create a different scene each time. Which are related to my questions, that gets me the answers. If not, the clues…There is no fear & there is no limit. I can fly if I want to… Proves me every time that I am the creator of my life, at any level. Above or below zero. Doesn’t matter.

This is when I know that I am connected to my higher self. Being in my sacred space. It heals. it gives me perspective. It reminds me who I am and what I am capable of. Very calm, very meditative and very charming.

When a rain drop falls, it might echo deeper inside than it sounds outside.

That is why rain drops are healers and that is why rainy days can be the best gift….

Ayca Xxx

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