Just realized that it has been a while since I wrote. Not sure why it took me too long to get here. Maybe it was the process that takes its time or maybe it was me who got a bit lazy and needed a nudge to spend some time staring at this white page & let the words fly out. Maybe it is called writers’ block or distracted summer of mine. Regardless of what it was, glad I finally made my way here…

Quite honestly, I didn’t even know what I wanted to write. I just felt the huge desire to type…maybe just to take some words out of my system. Caught up in some place between my mind and my heart I guess. And I decided to follow the call and let it flow through me as I surrender.

And I did surrender, pretty much gave the control to something that is bigger than myself. Looks like bunch of words has been waiting to express themselves. Those unspoken ones that has been sitting inside for too long and wanted to come out obviously. Maybe they just wanted to see the light. Or they needed to come out to create space to what is coming after them…


Space /spās/ ~ a continuous area which is free, available, unoccupied… Sounds pretty magical, don’t you think?

Creating space in life is really about paving the path for what is about to come…And be available when the next thing is here…

When words wanted to come out of my system tonight, it clearly meant something. Maybe there were so many unspoken, unwritten words that took up space. Distracted me unwillingly and didn’t let me be ready for what is to come.But now words has spoken. Without saying much, they made their statement : “I am letting you to have the space”

Who would have thought the unspoken words are the loudest ones?

Ayca Xxxx

One thought on “BEEN TOO LONG…

  1. I love reading this blog since 2016 and its really been too long again..hope you’ll make your way here soon.
    P.S This is actually my 1st comment here 🙂


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