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There are a lot of things we take for granted in life. Think about it…

From very simple to most complicated ones.Most of the time you never appreciate or know the meaning of missing it out since you are born/surrounded with it. They are so accessible that you don’t even realize what it means not to have them in your life. Basically you never know its meaning or value. The hectic schedules of a daily lives, never ending hustle and responsibilities might not give us enough time to even think about what we are missing in life – maybe the most important pieces of our happiness.The moment! Being truly aware of our environments vs the bubble we created around us, can be our reality check only if we are open to see.

One of the opportunities of living abroad is an interesting reminder which at the same time give you the chance to be the tourist in your home city. {Technically this is when your awareness levels peaks – while you are visiting a new place or somewhere you have not been for a long time} Why? As a tourist, you come to a place with fresh and open mind. And your brain is like a sponge and pays so much attention and effort to remember everything you have seen {might be coming from your survival instincts} during exploration. With that said, my personal journey validates that fact every time I visit Istanbul. Huge, ever changing city which surprises me with new things every time I come back but at the same time my “tourist” mindset is making me see things that I didn’t pay that much attention while I was living in the city.

All those touristy things happens to be my entertainment:) You will be surprised how many things you have been missing out before { just because maybe I thought that I was too cool for them, lol} Walking on the streets with my camera, seeing the details I have never caught before. Visiting some new local spots but at the same time checking up on touristic ones. Yeah no shame here!

Today was one of them – first time since I was five years old – playing with the pigeons in the middle of Ortakoy – which is one of the most popular tourist attraction spots and busy as hell;) It was me with few kids – running around in the same spot, lol. Literally I did transform into that five year old kid in me. Realized that it was harder to make those pigeons fly than I thought it would be,hahahahha, who knew. If you happen to go to Ortakoy while you are visiting, first you get the feed them by paying 1TL – like a quarter dolar- make them come closer to you and start running to them. It is so much fun when they start flying around and away from you 🙂 if you keep feeding , they will be back in ten seconds.

Little things that reminds you how amazing life is and keep that kid in you. PRICELESS!

Plus, lets not forget the amazing view, standing in one continent and starting at another, the most delicious breakfast in the entire world with my favorite girls. What else you need in life to be happy other than enjoying every single second with your loved ones? #Familyfirst

Ayca Xxxx – just a glimpse from that part of the city – yes I know what you are thinking, you should definitely visit Istanbul sooner than later…


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