They say people come to your life either for a reason, a season or for a life time.And few just to deliver ONE single message. Right after that they disappear!

Not sure if you can ever catch that message when you are in the moment. Most likely you are too busy to define the role of the messenger other than what it really is. Well clearly we like to be in control of our own lives and we assign some roles to people around us. While we are focusing to that assignment, they do whatever they are supposed to do, give us the experiences and move on. When they are gone we might get shocked, surprised, disappointed or maybe even heart broken. Just because things didn’t go the way we thought it would. And mostly we miss the clue of why they were here at the first place to start with.Long after they disappear, when you truly move on and clear all the clouds in your head and feelings you come to the realization. Et voila! That was all you needed to know since day one. That is an amazing experience, as mind blowing as it is – hurtful sometimes while you are going through it. You know what they say, usually you don’t see the things that are closer to you and right at your face. You have to take a step back to see what was it out there for you.

Today, I’m flying out home from home. {Sounds funny, I know}

I would never imagine that one day I would call somewhere else “home” outside my home town. Since I never dreamt of living abroad, even for school. That’s why it is weirdly funny to me. How can something that big happen if you never dream about it?

To that day, I asked this question to myself so many times. Until I remembered one detail.

I think it was seven years ago, that messenger popped up in my life for a while. An intense connection for a short period of time, who happened to know more about me than myself. Was a little uncomfortable at the beginning. I was suspicious about some psychic powers. But with incredibly creative souls you never know. While getting inspiration from another world, looks like mine got some messages for me and stopped by to deliver it:)

“You don’t belong here”

Someone walk into your life and tell you that you are supposed to live somewhere else and claims that the picture is pretty clear.What is it? JOKE!!! {I told to myself, or that crazy soul who is trying to sound extraordinary or making it up to impress me} And as usual I ignored it {well you would do the same, no? it sounds a little creepy.} To me that person was supposed to stay in my life longer, not sure why I thought that would be the case:)  Thank God, I was wrong and my messenger literally disappeared few months after. Took a while to get that intense but short lived experience out of my system but years later, now I do know why all that happened. That one, opened a new door in my mind, helped me to see a different me and sailed me to across the ocean. Today I call it home!

Well well well, everything happens for a reason. The only thing is you will not know what it is until you know it! Just observe a bit longer….a bit deeper….

Ayca Xxxx

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