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I feel like I always had that love and hate relationship with running. That goes all the way back to my childhood, LOL {like most of our errors in life where each therapist tries to dig what happened back when you were five years old}… Funny but it kinda is true.

Just to give a little bit of context – as a kid in Istanbul I didn’t grow up playing sports.The main activity when I was young was running around on the streets and playing with my friends. My parents didn’t even think about channeling my energy to sports mainly for two reasons. One is thanks to my soldier dad, I have been living in a different city and going a different school every single year in the first ten years of my life. Second one is that I was so good in school and has a strong tendency to arts {playing piano, painting, drawing} sports was not in the top priority list of mine.Plus in our education system unless you suck at school you don’t chose to go that route. Actually do just the opposite by removing yourself away from all the other “distractions” so that you can focus 100% studying what you good at. Funny part is though, in contrast our education system has a mandate to dedicate an hour for sports which was mostly our opportunity to practice more on what we need improve or solve more math questions to get ready for our insane exams.On the other hand technically thats also the class you need to get the credit, that means we had to participate year end mini finals. My first test was a track session.Ugh.

Imagine you have never run before and as your final exam you are supposed to compete with your entire class! Clearly I had no idea how to pace myself and when we all get started I was like sprinting.Well who wants to left behind, right. But guess what happens next? 400meters in, my lungs about to explode, I feel like throwing up, slowing down and trying not to pass out. Result : embarrassing. Left behind, feeling defeated and hating my life at that moment. That voice in my brain started screaming “you are not good at that, never again.” Thats where I hated running. It always reminded me something I was not good at and I didn’t like that. So I said : who needs to run if you are good at math:) And never tried it again until my job actually made me wanna move.

Fast forward late twenties, I slowly started getting into running again. On one side I kinda wanted to face that fear, on the other side I wanted to be ready – that whenever my job requires some sort of activity – that I wouldn’t embarrass myself again:) I was slowly falling in love with it {thanks to Nike+running app}, damn, I got injured. One after another. Thats where I felt like running and I are never meant to get along:) Plus the emergency breaks in my mind was talking to me non-stop, so loud that it became extremely hard to run against that voice.

“Remember how bad you were in that race? Remember how painful your hip injury was?” It gave me all the reasons to stay away from it. But guess what, the more I ran away from it, running got closer & closer to me. It became my job, got into my dreams, takeover a huge part of my life, brought me a lot of cool friends.However that also came with its own injury package, most painful to date, and I gave up. For good. Decided that I am never getting back at it.

Well I guess never say never. Today I run at least three to four times a week. What has changed? Clearly I have been educated by the experts, not only on how to run – from A to Z- but also how to stay injury free. But none of it is would mean anything unless I discovered something which happened to be the key to shift the way I think about running I figured how to distract my brain during the run so that it can’t talk to me anymore 🙂 That’s insane. #majorkey for me. How come? 1.Thanks to podcasts – which sends new information to my brain so that while it’s busy trying to learn new things, it doesn’t realize how far I run. 2.Speed workouts – thanks to my best friend Traco – who literally made me fall in love with running again. It’s super distracting to my brain that while I’m adjusting my pace every other 120/90/60 secs, I don’t realize how far I ended up running. Well if you hate running, I hope you find you way on how to trick your brain [plus learning how to do it right, head to toe, and learn how to stay injury free]

#nevernotrunning #nevernotgivingup

Ayca Xxxx

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