Thats exactly how I feel when I don’t make the time to connect with myself. It’s insane.

I’m off balance – like off off. A little all over the place, you can see it in my face, like my brain going through a storm in the middle of the ocean. Each wave throws me from one to another and I feel like I am barely riding any of them.Because I am not in the moment when it happens. Basically taken over by that crazy storm.Feels like there is an  emergency inside my soul. The control freak part of my brain awakens and tries to take it over but without feeling grounded it even makes things harder. Storm gets stronger & stronger, the ship I’m trying to sail get lost in the ocean – at least thats the feeling.

When that happens I just wanna hide myself 🙂 Thats my way of kinda calming the storm. All I need is ME time. To meditate and reconnect with myself. The slower my breathing gets, the easier it is to ride with the waves. Does not necessarily mean the storm gets calmer since whatever craziness going on outside just keeps going. But in those moments it really doesn’t matter how insane it is out there, I just get the control  by reposition myself to get the waves and wind on my back. Blending into the rhythm of it and start enjoying the ride.

The ego, the brain, that loud voice slowly mutes. My inner voice gets in charge and guides me through it all. No matter how hectic it is outside.

That helps me to find my balance within imbalanced times because it really is not about parking in that safe harbor. It is about learning how to find your way in that crazy times. By teaching how to be more adaptable, flexible and connected.

Few years ago, a well respected guru spotted one thing in me {don’t think I was aware of it at that time since I was that energetic social butterfly who wanted to keep herself nonstop insanely busy } and gave her incredibly valuable advice and said:

“Your power is coming from your gutt. As long as you are connected to it, you will always find your way even if your life gets upside down. But if you lose that connection, then I am sorry for you.”

In that moment, I was not sure if I did hear something really good or got threatened, LOL. Joke aside I knew what she meant. Even if it is few minutes in a day, checking in with that inner voice is what keeps me grounded, more energetic and peaceful.

What is better than gifting ten minutes to yourself  on a daily basis just to feel you, be in the moment and hear your heart beat? And if it is sunday maybe you can make it upto twenty:) NAMASTE!

Ayca Xxxx




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