As much as I love traveling, some long weekends I LOVE the idea of staycation:)

Feels like city is exclusively booked for me. No crazy traffic, no lines for brunch, easy to walk in to a restaurant without reservation, empty streets, less stress.The list goes on… Especially after an intense week, all you need is having no plans and do whatever you feel like doing without needing to think. This is me, in that long weekend:)

I have to admit last week was a bit rough, trying to deal with jet lag which can completely put you off balance, plus crazy work schedule with no weekend break and jumping straight into a new week. I felt like last week lasted a month.So I might be the most excited person in the city right now. Plus this weekend is a little special for me since I will be celebrating  my 5th year anniversary on the 4th of July. Yup, now you know why there are all those fireworks across the country, right:) LOL

But this year, instead of insanely packed celebration plans, I will be dedicating that long weekend to recharge. Catch up on some ME time,long due reads, on my tan {as usual} as well as trying some new recipes of clean eating and writing.

Already picked all my favorites and goal is to finish it all – along with a fun summer book. Will let you know about that “Modern Lovers” for sure as soon as I am done. Long Weekend

Wishing everyone an amazing long weekend.

Ayca Xxxx

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