“New York is always a good idea”

That was the first message that popped up in my screen when I was trying to make my decision about moving to the city. As crazy as it sounds I swear the process of me collecting the signs from the universe, the moment I opened my heart to it was pretty impressive.

Usually everything moves super fast when you get an offer and in few days you have to make a life changing decision. My story was not an exception to that.It was pretty much an  unexpected offer so had no idea what to think.As much as it sounded super tempting, still wanted to take my time ad go through everything I can think of. During that short time period, I also decided to hear and see what signs I will be getting around that decision. To that day I still remember…I was driving back from a meeting {a long two hour drive } and that is where messages started popping.Yes you can call me crazy, which I thought I was going crazy since it really was hard to believe:)

You know what they say: If you pay close attention, you can actually catch the messages. Don’t expect to hear it from someone but they usually show up in different ways, sometimes in the form of a lyric in a song, maybe an outdoor, a quote in the movie or the book, an image etc. Only if you are open and ready to receive them. Wanna hear what were my clues? (1)The first image on my favorite pinterest boards’ was a quote screamed at my face saying; “New York is always a good idea” (2)The first song as soon as I turn on the radio was “Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind” (3)Outdoors along the way confirming the idea of NY “Go Get It” (4) New cover song dropped by my fav artist Jose James “Autumn in New York” and continues “…why does it seem so inviting”. Yeah it was getting creepy and I was speechless!Next morning, I was thinking that all of what happened a day ago was some sort of mind games. That day was sunday and I stepped out to grab coffee.Walked into my favorite coffee shop which also happens to be an interior design studio. (5) 1st object I have seen was pillow reads in capital letters as “NEW YORK CITY”

Isn’t too obvious that I had to move!!!…..& I did say yes and made the move in end october {yeah autumn in Newyork is pretty inviting} What I was expecting from the city versus what I did experience kinda requires its own blog post so I am not gonna go into that here but soon to come to that:)

After that crazy experience of mine, I guess I realized the more connected you are to one’s inner self and open at heart, you get the answers to your questions – all around you. Only if we are connected! Since then I use every opportunity to stay connected with myself. More meditation, more me time, less distraction. Signs will find you when you are ready to hear them;) Just stay connected.

Ayca Xxxx


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