A moment like this… never has it been experienced in this life time of ours.

A deep darkness.. with no sight of light.

An unknown…gives birth to new unknowns everyday.

A loss…irreplaceable..called “hope”

Question is.. do you lose yourself in that darkness or do you find more about you?

There is loss for sure. You will shred some, like it or not. 

Some, you will let it burn. 

Some, you would want to hold on to, maybe a bit too much.

But you might not be able to..

So you will let those part of you go.

You might bleed for sometime. It is normal.

It might hurt. That is normal too.

No escaping though. 

Just gotta go through it.

Feel it out. Feel the pain. 

Go through the emotions. 

You might shed some tears..and that is okay!

Saying goodbye to those parts of you won’t be easy.

When it breaks you though…

It is when you see the light.

And that light called…hope.

It most probably will come out of nowhere

Might show up a bit unexpectedly.

That light will help you find the “new” within you.

I hope…

As you will never know “how long” it will take you to find it…

With that.. you just found “patience”

Ayca Xxx

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