Have you ever had the chance to witness a moment where your feelings and/or thoughts literally turned upside down? You find your self moving from one edge of the spectrum to another in a split of a second…The change is so drastic that you could not even realize how it happened…with a glimpse of an eye, you realized that you have changed forever. And everything around you…because when you change, everything around you changes. Things will never look the same, feel the same, mean the same…It may not even matter what they meant before. It is like a sudden earthquake that shifts and shakes it all and everything fall into its places..and finally it all makes sense. A total new sense. Like never before.

But how it all happens so quickly…is that really a sudden change..or has it been built up when you were not paying attention…maybe it was changing within you all the time, like micro changes you didn’t even realize, feel, see it coming…and then…BOOM!

Maybe it was that one sentence that triggered it all..maybe one word.. maybe one look…maybe none of them…maybe you just wake up and everything looked different…maybe you have given new set of eyes, a new look, brand new perspective.

And it all become clearer in matter of seconds…

Maybe it was all an illusion to begin with…

Maybe you finally find the courage to leave and not look back…

Ayca Xxx

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