This statement made me stop! Cause for a while I have been thinking of the meaning of complete absence of words.

Why do we get silent anyway?

Is it because there is nothing to say….

Or is it because there is too much to say…

I started paying more attention to myself in the moments where I chose to be silent. Obviously there is not one reason to hide behind silence. Whatever your reason is, silence truly is quite powerful.

As much as an extrovert looking person I am, as I grow up, I find myself becoming more of an introvert. Thats when silence started becoming my best friend. And I realized, you either use silence to process thoughts, come to conclusions to solve a complicated problem that you are experiencing. OR you become silent, just because it is already too loud in your head and you just choose to step out and watch your ego having its turn, being loud and testing your limits before you make any decisions.

Silence is also the farthest distance between people. That might be the reason why it sometimes feels treathening. That’s the reason why we get uncomfortable with it. Cause it gets too deep under your skin sometimes with that it can make you feel disoriented and actually make you lose your balance. Funny fact is ~ that is when you need silence itself to find your balance again.

As much distance, silence creates, they also complement each other. Sometimes you need the distance to remain silent, to find your balance, to adjust, to heal, to refresh…whatever you need it to be rebuild within you.

The only rule though, you need to load off those loud thoughts in your mind first. Because wherever you go, you carry that beautiful mind of yours with you. There you need to let the silence take over and clear them one by one for you. Those loud thoughts…they will eventually get tired of being loud anyway.

Just step out, take a bit of distance and try to look from outside in. When there is silence, you can always hear more. If you have the patience long enough in it, you will find out what is deep inside…

Hope you can take the time. To step out a bit. To reflect in silence.

Ayca Xxxx

PS: Song of the day : Depeche Mode | Enjoy the Silence!

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