Have you ever meet someone, that you feel like you already knew them but actually you have never met them before?

What are the chances that you might have shared a life time together before? Maybe not in this one ~ just yet!

Do you even believe in past lives?

If not, how do you explain the idea of the “familiarity”?

There must be a time and place that the souls met before, don’t you think?

Just keep asking and wondering…

If, the old souls can meet in this new life time again..

If, for some unexplainable way, they find each other again..

If, it is already too familiar for some reason..

What are the chances of stealing a day from that past life time and actually live it in this life time?

Would that be the same day?

Would that feel the same?

Would it look the same? Be the same?

Is it even possible ~ to live an old day, that is only for those old souls who knew each other for so long?

I just wonder…What are the chances?

Ayca Xxx

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