As I stare at the gloominess of the day, rain drops start clearing my mind. Darkness outside, enlightens somethings inside.Inhales get deeper. Exhales get longer. I can start feeling my heart vividly that I almost feel my blood flowing in my veins. My brain is at its “do not disturb” zone. Feels like even … More IT RAINS & IT HEALS


Say “Thank You”…. Mom said to her kid when I gave that adorable baby boy his gift. He looked at me with huge eyes and throw the biggest compliment in the world. It didn’t matter how small the baby was because those two words was the purest form of giving. He didn’t even know how … More THANK-FULL.


How honest you think you are to yourself? Do you truly and fully accept yourself ? Do you admit your dreams ~ even to yourself? Do you own your flaws, accept your weaknesses and fears? It must be easier said that done but accepting oneself fully and truly and being fully honest about it might … More DEEPER LOOK


About that summer vacation… Fantastic sun that shines so irresistibly, the ocean which always makes you question the infinity, enormous amount of sand, happy people around you, basically pure joy! Sound of the ocean that calms your down and makes everyone more peaceful and relaxed. Nothing can be more healing and soothing than that. Funny enough … More SUMMER WAVES


Is social media the gift or the curse? Been thinking about it more and more recently. While it started with a simple intent of connecting people to each other, eventually the way it transformed us is pretty alarming. When I first moved to US, to me it was a tool to keep in touch with my … More YOU ARE ENOUGH


de·tox ~ dētäks : A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification. While most of us already has an idea on what a physical detoxification means, we can not say the same thing when it comes to our emotions. If it was about … More EMOTIONAL DE-TOX