Fresh start of 2018, a bit different than other years I feel like. Maybe just because the one before ended different than ever. Of all those years, I always celebrated the end as well as the beginning of a year with my family. Except this one. { Well I guess there is always a first.} Quite honestly I was not planning on it and definitely was not prepped. Walking into that long holidays I was not sure what to expect. A combination of anxiety, kinda bitter sweet taste combined with a touch of unease maybe. At least thats what I thought I would be feeling when everyone takes off for the break.

But you never know your potential until you face the situations and most of the time human beings are better at under estimating themselves. That was a good reminder at the end of the year honestly. “Never Underestimate Your Inner Power.”

Regardless of what I thought, I found myself in complete peace and ease. Don’t get me wrong ~ I wouldn’t swap my family time with anything, but I guess when you let yourself go with the flow and not fight with things you can’t change, you end up finding yourself in that peaceful zone. As crazy as it sounds, when acceptance creates that peaceful zone,  it felt like time has slow down massively and almost got frozen. { might be the -12degrees Celsius outside that contributed to that } I found myself in that pocket where there was complete silence and literally lost track of time. It felt like listening the sound of the silence in my mind. Even my inner roommate aka the voice coming from my brain was gone. The more I sit silent, I started hearing “my true self”. I knew that everything happened for a reason.

Compared to all the previous years, It was exact the opposite of what I was used to hearing and experimenting. From a lot of conversations while catching up with friends and family at home to a complete silence with a small chat coming from my inner self. I got an invite to reflect and dive deep. Deeper than ever. Almost never done before kinda deep. Less of self reflection. More of self clearance, releasing all blocked energies, healing and clearing one by one. Sometimes while sleeping, some other time actively cleaning, while meditating or painting… Just by following the inner voice, wherever it pointed me to. A lot of reading, re.reading, writing…Conversations with inner self as well as higher self. It was clear that before leaving the past year, all those past years’ energy had to be cleared out. To be able to reach to a higher consciousness, to have a higher degree on self acceptance, to learn to let go and let it flow and move to that level of centered awareness and be “the witness”.

Having a complete different view and learning how to look at your self from that seat. By feeling lighter with a full heart.

What a beginning…

Ayca Xxxx

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