de·tox ~ dētäks :
A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.
While most of us already has an idea on what a physical detoxification means, we can not say the same thing when it comes to our emotions.
If it was about physical detox, we tend to cut off certain things out of our daily consumption like dairy, caffein, alcohol, maybe night shades, some grains etc.
Once we do that for a certain period of time, we usually feel lighter, our skin improves, digestion gets better, bloating leaves the body and most of the time we and up having more energy and feel happier. Why? Because the body stop wasting its energy to digest and break down certain type of foods that might be harsh on our bodies. Instead, it uses that time to replenish from head to toe. Thats why you shine at the end of a detox period.
Why not do the same thing with our emotions? If you don’t do regular therapy sessions ~ which we all know that it may not be that easy to make the required investment  in the form of time and money for those sessions~ then what we tend to do is to swipe them under the rug. Because we don’t know what to do with certain emotions.
It is like living in New York , in super small apartment where you always struggle to make room for that new sweater to want to buy. Changes are, either you don’t buy or you get rid of the old clutter to make room for the new one.
I am the second one, always and non stop getting rid of stuff that I don’t use so that I can feel less cluttered, lighter and have more space for some new exciting things I might need. ~ insert Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” book here.
Recently I started treating my emotions in the same way.
We all go through sh$t on a daily basis. Either get pissed at someone on the train, or annoyed with something or someone else at work, maybe stressed because you have so much to do or can’t take this never ending winter anymore. ~ last one might be the common theme for all NY’ers.
What I realized over the years is, if I don’t do my decluttering homework with my emotions, they just pile up just like garbage, and when it happened they just don’t smell good 🙂 The more you keep them inside, the easier it gets to feel annoyed or get mad at someone or literally burst out with anger sometimes almost for no legit reason. That is  when I know that  I have some cleaning up to do.
After reading the “Clarity Cleanse” by Habib Sadeghi, his simple method of cleaning up your emotional mess, became my routine. It is unbelievably easy and makes you feel so much lighter at the end of the day.
At the beginning you might need to practice every day ~end of day~ but then you can do whenever you feel like it. All you need is a piece of paper , a pen plus 12 minutes.
In those 12 minutes what you do is start writing everything that frustrated you that day. Without thinking, not even moving your hand from the paper, just dump everything that comes to your mind. It can be what happened at work that day, you might wanna write the whole thing in details, who said what and why it bothered you etc, you get the idea.
Trust me once you start writing, you won’t be able to stop. The frustration you have been holding in will start coming out naturally since it is not meant to live inside you. It really is meant to be out of your system so that you won’t have anything to internalize and take it personally. Just write it all and get it all out if your system. You will be surprised how fast those twelve minutes past by.
Once done, that the paper to a safe space & burn it. You can use your kitchen counter. Burn it while thanking those negative emotions showing you what you really need to pay attention to. At the end of the day, all that happens is because it is trying to show you something within yourself that requires your attention. The more you are aware, the better you understand what your soul needs, to be whole again.
When you do it regularly, the lighter your soul gets. Guess what… you will feel SO MUCH better and fulfilled. And of course happier.
Body, mind and soul are connected.
And we need to take care of each part the same level like other to be able to truly feel better. Doesn’t matter how fit you are, if you are not a happy person and can not deal with the dramas you created in your mind. You know what I mean.
So it is time to look at the BIG PICTURE to be whole again;)
Happy Sunday
Ayca Xxx

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