There are a lot of things I do not remember about my childhood but few moments in my mind that are crystal clear from those days. Not sure how mind decides which picture to store from your earlier days in life but it feels crazy to me how some of them can feel like yesterday. Recently I started thinking about them more & more, why they pop up in my mind randomly but regularly.

One of which I have been remembering is actually from the days when I was eight years old. We have been leaving on the east part of the country because of my dad’s job. His assignment took us to a place that I would never thought of living – almost like a village where I had a tight community and friends. You could have the greenest summers there where in winter snow would be around your waist. Super fun set up for a kid. The neighborhood has been separated by a river where few of my friends were on the other side.  When it rained a lot it could get tricky since water would flood and limit us hanging out for few days. Even playing with that idea was fun since kids were lining up on each side and turning that problem into a fun game. Kids are really creative about life’s problems:) The small bridge on that river was our main entertainment destination. Watching the sunset, fishing sessions , throw stones and finding the champ of the day  was the offering of our entertainment menu. Beyond that list, my favorite was sitting on that bridge and watching how the river was flowing under it. For some reason I enjoyed  it a lot. Not sure what exactly I was thinking while doing that. Crazy that scene is still so live in my mind even today. I feel like I can transport myself anytime to that moment and actually watch it live.

What really interesting to me was not just watching it flow but observing how it was responding everything that is happening around it. Bed of the river had some islands in it made of little rocks, trunks of some old trees, huge rocks that cuts water and comes above it. As I watch river coming down it was mind blowing to me how smoothly water was adapting to those different creatures in its bed. It was insanely strong but at the same time was not fighting with any of those at all. It just kept flowing and finding its way to get around each obstacle. When the huge rock created its own island in the middle of its bed, it was flowing around them. When the old tree trunk was lying on top, it was flowing under it. If you threw a small stone on it, its waves carried the stone until it was time to leave it behind. Some leaves couldn’t resist to its smooth flow and decided to flow with it, especially in fall. It was and still is so inspiring to me,  just by watching how water flows can teach you tons…

After all those years, one thing is super clear to me. You can not control what is happening around you. All you can control is how you react to them. I think that might be the reason why this memory is still so live and so strong in my mind. Just to remind one self to be like water. To adjust myself in any situation and in any shape. But most importantly finding my own flow.

Without resisting, by being myself…

Ayca Xxxx

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