Lets start by actually asking the question of the decade : when was the last time you get bored? It might be hard to remember these days – thanks to social media and non-stop distraction thats rolls in to our lives. Yes, it almost is impossible to get bored these days since we are glued to our phones. A moment of pause ~call it having some headspace~ leads us back at it again, and you know the rest of the story. Infinite scrolling and jumping from one story to another without even realizing whose life we are living. Clearly not ours.

We almost forget what it means to enjoy and inhale our own story in each moment versus getting lost in others. In between seconds you can find yourself in the back stage of a fashion show while the next you can be transported to a fancy vacation in a fantasy island. While knowing what all those other people are up to, end up having no idea on what we have been doing all night. Clearly, we are living in the episodes of others.

Actually pause for a sec for real and think about it…Do you realize how sad it sounds?

We literally are missing out our very own moments to enjoy just because we can not live with the idea of FOMO these days. What a dilemna, isn’t it?

Is that just the fear of FOMO or we just don’t know what to do with our selves anymore? Are we afraid of having enough brain space to think? to create? to read? to innovate? What is it that freaks us out and makes us pay more attention to others lives vs ours? Did we simply just forget what it means to be by ourselves?

Maybe one of the few or above all.

One thing that is super clear is that the less space we give ourselves to get bored, the less creative and connected we become. Social engagement slowly kills our connection to our intuition along with our creativity. So why don’t we try to get bored sometimes? And see what happens! Watch how your soul and body reacts to it. Observe what boredom can bring from within.

Are you ready to get bored?

Ayca Xxxx


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