These days I started observing more how and why humans react certain things in life ~ in particular around the idea of “change”.

We all know that if there is one thing in life that doesn’t change is the change itself. However looks like it is still not that easy to accept the fact and adapt to it. If we look a bit closer , change is actually closer to us than we think. It is in our own breath, as we inhale and exhale we see that not every two breath is the same, it is on our mind cause not every two thought is the same. It literally is within us, woven in our minds, souls & bodies.

So then why it is so hard to accept it while we are literally experiencing it in our own breath every moment? And why we chose to resist to it?

It looks like it is easier for human beings to “resist” then to “accept” the change. Maybe in this fast paced world we are programmed to react immediately vs giving ourselves to time to digest, observe and learn from it. Maybe we are not patient enough to see what actually change means and what it can bring to life. Maybe we are just lazy and don’t want to spend time on learning the new but to roll with the old. Maybe we are not as open minded as we say we are…

Clearly there is not one answer. Maybe all the above, maybe none.

Whatever your reason is, the more you resist, the less you will learn from the new opportunities. Believe it or not ~ every change is an opportunity for us to grow. At least to learn more about ourselves. Even though you think that you might hate the particular change in your life ~ trust me it will teach you something new, every single time. And you will be pleasantly surprised by it.

Now answer this : WHY TO RESIST?

Hope we can all see the opportunity in the horizon and not waste our time resisting to change. Well like it or not, life will keep changing anyway…

Ayca Xxxx

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