Growing up I did get into the habit of keeping diaries – not daily ones though – more like having a notebook next to my bed and putting some random thoughts on it when I feel like it. I said random because I had no intentions of turning it into a journal that kept track of what I did do every single day. Mine version of it had some pages which were filled with joy, some was like swimming in tears, few combined of frustration & anger… You name it. As a human being every page was full of all different kind of emotions. I think I was doing it for the sake of taking them out of my chest to feel lighter, especially before I got into sleep zone since I didn’t wanna carry any feeling of burden to my dreams:)

At some point, on top of that I also tried to write everything that popped up in my mind as soon as I wake up, every single morning. Yeah that one was full of random thoughts. But it gave me the idea of how many things we carry in our minds as soon as we open our eyes, either its your to do list, maybe that scary dream…Interestingly enough that was an insanely liberating exercise. It really helps you to clear the unnecessary information and opens up more space in our intuition and mind. Eventually helps you to get more creative and open to the experiences.

These days I am writing few bullets of “what I am grateful for”. Every.Single.Night.      And THAT is life changing. All the things we usually take for granted…

Those small things, the moment you out yourself in someone else’s shoes who doesn’t have it in their lives, you really feel how big those small things mights feel for someone else. Gives you perspective when you start counting your blessings. By doing it consistently starts shifting the way you approach life. For some reason it makes you calmer. You realize how big of a deal to be able to open your eyes and realize that you can take a deep breath. You might not care being stuck at traffic anymore or might not get pissed at little things easily. It helps you clear your mind & see the big picture vs feeling beat up in those minor road bumps.

There is always something to be grateful for in life. So why not try to see it? And enjoy every single one of them on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, what is happiness anyway:) Start counting your blessings…

Ayca Xxxx

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